Making more mothers confident and successful at work through personal branding & business etiquette. 

When working mothers flourish, their families and businesses flourish. Businesses flourish financially and outperform their competition when there is a diverse gender workforce. Despite this, professional mothers still leave their careers. Those who continue their career, struggle to get and stay ahead due to a lack of confidence because of biases they encounter personally and professionally.

Unfortunately, society supports the dated sentiments that working mothers are less capable professionally, less committed to their careers and less willing to pursue opportunities than childless female and male colleagues. This erodes their confidence and may eventually affect their competence. Unfortunately, this dip in confidence contributes to highly qualified mothers leaving their career, or scaling back on it, to ensure a better work life balance. This causes businesses to suffer a talent and diversity gap.

To avoid this significant loss, Phenomenal Me works with professional working mothers and businesses who are committed and serious about making change and getting results, not making excuses. We use a straightforward, no nonense approach, which is why it works. It’s not about quick fixes, tiny tips or tricks, or overnight magical transformations. By focussing on enhancing your Appearance, Behaviour, Communication, Digital Footprint and Etiquette (A, B, C, D, E), you will get practical skills that you can quickly adapt to your work, client base and your industry which will differentiate you for all the right reasons.

The Phenomenal Me is based in Birmingham, England, but we work with clients all over the world.

We are always thrilled to give clients a gentle nudge, a slight push or full blown shove off the cliff to their personal best ( with compassion of course). Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.